BI內臟筋膜鬆動術 VM1+VM2

2021 03/29

BI內臟筋膜鬆動術 VM1+VM2







講師介紹 Instructor: Pierre VEY


 Pierre Vey是一位法籍的骨病學醫師同時也是物理治療師,目前在法國BRON的私人診所執業。



成為Barral Institute講師後便活耀於歐亞各地進行教學。

報名方式與費用Course Fee-Regulations and Preferential Programs

報名方式與費用Course Fee-Regulations and Preferential Programs :


(Core-Pak Total for VM1-VM2: NT$50000)

(The fee does not include lunch. Tea drinks and snacks are available during breaks)

匯款帳號 : 台新銀行(812)古亭分行,

帳號 2040-01-0000338-4

戶名 : 嘉衡健康事業股份有限公司




After the confirmation has been made, you may make a bank transfer to: 

  Bank transfer information:

Bank: Taishin International Bank, Taipei, Taiwan

Swift Code: TSIBTWTP

Bank Address: 6F.,No.17, Sec. 2, Jianguo N. Rd.,JhongshanDistrict,Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C)

Account Name : Well Balanced Healthcare Co.Ltd.

Account A/C No. : 040-75-602979-3

After the successful transfer, please fill up the registration form on our website and mark the last 5 digits of your bank account number.

If payment has been made, but there is no spot for the course , WB will inform you by email or phone and refund the full fee as soon as possible.




  1. 主辦單位提供茶水及小點心,請自備環保杯;若遇天災達停課標準以網站公告為主,不另行個別通知。主辦單位電話:07-5581026
    2. 轉班機制:於開課日前一個月提出,並說明原因,只有重大因素方可申請轉班。
    3. 退款機制:繳費後因故離班者,退費規定如下:
    (五)實際開課第1日(包含第1日)後,恕不退費。 詳細辦法請參考WB學苑網站。
    4. 錄取名單中如遇取消報名者將由位備取名單者中依順序遞補
    5. 為避免觸犯UI總部著作權之規定,上課中請勿拍照及錄影。
    6. 上課時間、地點如有更改,將另行通知,請務必填寫相關聯絡資訊。
    7. 本課程每日四次簽到與簽退,請勿代理簽名、遲到早退,經發現將取消BI認證與教育積分時數。

Supplementary notes:

  1. If the natural disaster reaches the suspension criteria, we will notify you by SMS and e-mail.Phone number: +886-7-5581026. Email:
  2. Cancellation and Refund Policy :

Class Transfer: 

Transfer can be proposed 30 days before the commence date.

NT$2000 administrative fee will be charged if the transfer is applied 30 ~ 7 day before the commencement. NT$10000 administrative fee will be charged if the transfer is applied 6 ~ 1 day before the commencement. We refund the overcharge and demand payment of the shortage. Class Transfer can only be issued once. Once the course stars, no transfer could be made.

Reservation: Same condition with Class Transfer, but no course specified temporarily.

Refund-Refund rate depends on the date of proposal:

  1. 60 days before the commencement, NT$2000 administrative fee will be charged.
  2. 59~30 days before the commencement, 80% of the tuition fee can be refund.
  3. 30~7 days before the commencement, 50% of the tuition fee can be refund.
  4. 6~1 day before the commencement, 30% of the tuition fee can be refund.
  5. Once the course starts, the intuition fee is nonrefundable.
  6. Only with full attendance will the apprentice be certificated.
  7. If there is a participant canceling the registration, it will be supplemented by the order in the list.
  8. In order to avoid breaking the BI headquarters copyright regulations, please do not take pictures and video during the class.
  9. The time and place of the class will be changed if there is any change. Please be sure to fill in the contact information in the registration form.
  10. This course is signed and signed four times a day. Please do not sign the agent, go back early and leave early. After the discovery, BI certification and education credits will be cancelled.
  11. Wear loose, comfortable clothing (preferably no jeans.) A light jacket is recommended because temperature can be difficult to control.

 The organizer provides tea and snacks, please bring your own cup.